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Domain History of harvardlgbtqconference.org

By Anaya Taylor

About harvardlgbtqconference.org

Harvardlgbtqconference.org was the website for the 2020 Harvard LGBTQ + Leadership Conference held on the 27th and 28 of March 2020. On the homepage, interested visitors may register by clicking the “Register Here” button.

The conference’s theme was “No One Left Behind”. According to the website, the conference aims to explore some of the most vulnerable LGTBQ+ communities across multidisciplinary themes. Roughly 400 individuals are expected to attend the event. The conference also presents a unique opportunity to highlight the perspectives and critical voices of people who were left behind by the LGBTQ+ movement.

The 2020 Harvard LGBTQ + Leadership Conference brings together experts and professionals from diverse fields, including media, public and private health, business, politics, grassroots organizing, and the nonprofit sector. It aims to examine the complex LGBTQ+ rights landscape through a series of keynote speakers, panels, workshops, networking sessions, and panel discussions.

This year’s conference would also highlight how LGBTQ+ issues have affected marginalized members. These include queer people of color, queer people from socially conservative countries, queer persons with disability, transgender people, elderly folks, gender-nonconforming people, intersex people, and more. To read other related articles, visit Attorney News.


On the Schedule section of the website, visitors can see the detailed schedule of the previous conference held on the 8th and 9th of March in 2019. The conference had a multitude of events including a movie screening, happy hours, Guerilla Queers bars, queer variety shows, Self-care stations, Lunch and Community Organization Fair, and a lot more. A PDF file containing the full schedule of the events can be downloaded by clicking the link provided.

Panel Descriptions

In the Panel Descriptions section, information about panel discussions can be seen. The time, location, and a brief overview of each panel can be read in this section. A few samples are as follows.

11:15 AM – 12:30 PM

Healing Within: LGBTQ Healthcare & Wellness


Discrimination against LGBTQ people is associated with high rates of mental health challenges and substance abuse, and LGBTQ people face broad health disparities linked to social stigma, discrimination, and denial of civil and human rights. This session places these statistics in the context of everyday encounters with care providers and advocates, whose work extends beyond clinical walls. Join us as we talk with health and wellness leaders about their human-centered work and hope for the future of LGBTQ communities.  

Out in Elected Office: LGBTQ Political Representation


In recent elections, we have seen unprecedented numbers of LGBTQ candidates running for, and winning, elected officials at all levels of government in the United States. Simultaneously, there has been a groundswell of legislation passed protecting the rights of LGBTQ citizens. However, we also live in a moment defined by politics of hatred and fear, animated by attempts to roll back such civil rights gains. This panel will interrogate the role of LGBTQ representation in elected office in this political moment, highlighting the experiences of those who are out in the office and how they see their tenure connected to the broader goals of the movement. 


The Speakers section of the website contains information about the conference’s speakers, panelists, and presenters. Each guest’s qualifications and a brief overview of their achievements are listed in this section. The speakers and panelists include Arlene B. Baratz, M.D. radiologist, at Temple University School of Medicine Pittsburgh, Pierre Berastaín Director of Harvard University Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Gonzalo Casals Executive Director of Leslie-Lohman of the Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, Faith Cheltenham Vice President of BiNet USA, and many more. 


Visitors who want to know the team behind the Harvard LGBTQ + Leadership Conference can read information about the conference planning team by clicking the “Team” button on the menu. Each member’s name, position, and photo can be seen. Some of the members of the planning committee include Jen Fine (Steering Committee; Operations & Marketing), Charlene Lerner (Steering Committee; Finance), Andrew An Westover (Steering Committee; Programming), Shirley Li (Operations and Marketing Associate; Webmaster), and many more.


Interested individuals who wish to participate in the conference may register by clicking the “Register” button in the menu. The breakdown of fees is shown in this section and is as follows:

  • Students (ID Required): $20
  • Early Bird General Admission (Before 2/28/19): $25
  • General Admission/Door: $30

Conference History

The Conference History section is dedicated to the previous conferences held since its founding in 2014. It records each past conference’s theme, Keynote speakers, Steering Committee, and Committee Members are listed here.


By clicking the “Tickets” button in the menu, visitors will be redirected to the Eventbrite website. Interested individuals may purchase a ticket to the conference here. Readers may also follow the event creator, Graduate Student Clubs at Harvard if they wish to get news and updates by simply clicking the “Follow” button beside the event creator profile. 

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